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Bertolt Brecht Goes Hollywood

Based on true events, Brecht escapes Nazi Germany and finds himself in Hollywood, as he writes his play,
Galileo. *Best of Competition, UFVA 2011 Faculty Screenwriting Competition.


Juarez Blues

In this one-hour drama, a gringo drug smuggler
must help the DEA bring down a Mexican drug kingpin.

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Welcome To My World

In this half-hour comedy, the father must prove to his family
that men offer more than just semen to make the world a better place.



Written for CBS, two brothers who own
a crime scene cleaning business help families who
experience problems resulting from the unexpected death.


Death & Taxes

Written for ABC, an IRS agent cursed with too much common sense
and absolutely no discretion points out follies of co-workers and unthinking
bureacracy agree or not but you’ll have to admit there’s
something to his twisted logic.