A recent college graduate who wants to teach Latin
reluctantly takes a job as the executioner in the
same prison where his bullying big brother
sits on death row.

Released by ThinkFilm in 2004, Executioner aired on Showtime and Starz. I was fortunate to recognize the talents of Jeremy Renner (Academy Award nominee for Hurt Locker) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) before they achieved their current success.

My lead, Jonathan Tucker has become a go-to character craftsman, most recenly seen as Loki in the new Starz series "American Gods".

We shot Executioner over four weeks in Deer Lodge, MT. The exact city I imagined when writing but didn’t know existed, at the time. Getting this film made was as hard as you can imagine. A five year ordeal that included a bankruptcy at Shooting Gallery which locked it in legal limbo for a year.

More importantly, this served as my calling card script which landed my first manager, agent and a bounty of scriptwriting deals for ABC, CBS, USA-TV and Dreamworks Animation.